Halloween Treats

R 249.95

Halloween selection:

1 x Body Parts

1 x Black Widow Spider

1 x Skull 

1 x Spiderweb

1 x Packet of Vampire Fang Candies

Cupcakes are topped with the sweetest halloween treat!

All placed in a glass clip jar, spoon provided.

Each jar is hand packed and lasts up to 7 days without refrigeration or can be frozen for up to 6 months.

Once you try one of our CupCakes in a Jar, you may never want to eat a regular cupcake again!

The perfect gift for foodies, friends, and family.


Requires a minimum of 2 days from date of order.

Delivery to all Major Cities.

Allergens:wheat, gluten, cow's milk, nuts, egg and dairy.